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Preventing Construction Accidents

Even with an increase in construction safety training, there are still injuries on construction sites that occur daily. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of worker fatalities in private industry were in construction – accounting for just about one in every five worker deaths per year.

Avoiding Construction Injuries

  1. Falls: These are the most common cause of injuries on construction sites. They are usually a result of uneven surfaces, improper use of ladders, improper mounting and dismounting from equipment, and lack of providing adequent fall protection.

Ways to avoid:

  • Using three points of contact when getting on and off of equipment
  • Following safety regulations for ladders
  • Keeping work areas clean and clear of clutter
  • Using fall equipment
  1. Being struck by an object: Construction workers are at risk of being hit by a machine or falling objects. These usually result in brain or spinal injuries caused by tools or materials that aren't adequately secured.

Ways to avoid:

  • Secure materials and tools properly
  • Stack materials properly
  • Avoid close proximity to lifted or suspended loads
  • Verify a backup alarm installed on mobile equipment
  • Train employees not to position themselves between fixed and moving objects
  1. Electrocution: Working on construction sites often exposes employees to wiring, flammable chemicals, or leaking pipes.

Ways to avoid:

  • Train employees to keep a safe distance from energized parts
  • Use all required PPE
  • De-energize equipment and use proper lockout and tag-out procedures
  1. Trapped this is usually a result of a vehicle pinning a person against a wall, or getting their body parts trapped in a machine.

Ways to avoid:

  • Don't put your hands or body parts near moving objects
  • Avoid wearing long sleeves, jewelry, or other items that can get caught on moving objects
  • Avoid getting in the swing radius of a rotating object

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